Welcome to New Jersey Online Licensing
The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is pleased to offer licensees the opportunity to renew and apply for licensure via our secure MyLicense website.

Below is a list of some periodically reported issues that licensees have had with the site. Please refer to this FAQ for solutions to your issues, before contacting the Board.

Pressing return instead of clicking on Logon:
Your User ID is your 12 digit license (Your CDS Registration number is 9 digits. If you are renewing your CDS Registration you must use this 9 digit number). The password indicated is your MyLicense code. Once you've entered this information, please click on the logon button. Do not hit return. Pressing the return key results in no action.

Your Password/MyLicense Code:
The letter " I " frequently looks like the number 1 and a zero can sometimes look like the Letter " O ". If you cannot logon, please make sure you are entering the correct letter and not the number or vice versa.

Cookie settings:
Reset your web browser cooking setting to medium high instead of high.

Submitting Payment:
Do not click submit more than once. This process may take several minutes. Please be patient.

Payment Error Codes:

  • Error Code 1: Bad VeriSign connection. VeriSign is the payment processor. Please logout of the site and connect again. Then submit your payment again.
  • Error Code 12: Credit card has been declined by the bank.
  • Error Code 13: Referral. Transaction was declined but could be approved with a verbal authorization from the bank that issued the card. Submit a manual Voice Authorization transaction and enter the verbal auth code.
  • Error Code 23: Invalid account number. Check credit card number and re-submit.
  • Error Code 99: You are using a credit card that is not accepted by the website. Use a different credit card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

    Receipt Page:
    This process may take up to several minutes, please be patient. Please note, if you do not print the confirmation/receipt page when it is displayed, you will not be able to go back and print it at a later time.

    Cannot Save Information or see buttons:
    Please logout and close the web page. Re-open the web page and select your profession. For example, the veterinarians will need to click on the link that says "veterinary board licenses".

    Cannot complete process:
    Review "renewal checklist" located on the left-hand side of the screen. Are all boxes completed? Does each box (except for the finish box) have a checkmark? Each box must have a checkmark before you can complete. Click on the "renewal checklist" item that is missing the checkmark to go back to the page and complete it. Make sure that you click save on each page whether or not you have entered/modified data.

    Page Froze:

  • You can close your web browser and log back onto the MyLicense webpage. From the renewal checklist, whatever items do not have a checkmark in the box will need to be completed.
  • If the page freezes on the before you receive your receipt, log back in to the site and look to see if the "finish" checkbox is checked. If not, your payment never went through and you can safely resubmit.